Dr. Jahangir Alam Rustom (Bangladesh)

Dr. Jahangir Alam Rustom (Bangladesh)
Dr. Jahangir Alam Rustom was born on December 31, 1970 at the village of Magura Mandol Bari, Post Office: Magura, sub-district: Kishorgonj, District: Nilphamari, Bangladesh. His family name is Jahangir Alam, and his nick name is Rustom, and his full name is Jahangir Alam Rustom. He obtained B.Sc.Ag from the Sher-E-Bangla Agricultural University, Dhaka, Bangladesh in 1996 and an MS degree in Environmental Science from Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh in 2012. He was awarded with a PhD degree on Climate Change from the same university in 2017. Dr Rustom kept brilliant instances in every step of academic background from his childhood. He served in some national and international organizations with an exciting reputation holding some important and senior positions. He is also an Environmental Scientist. He obtained at least twenty research findings which were published in some distinguished national and international journals across the globe.
Dr Rustom is a literature and music loving romantic poet. He is a poetic icon and multi-award-winning poet. He has written eight books of English poetry that have already been published and earned impressive distinction at home and abroad. For writing exciting English poetry, he gained a lot of accolades, crests, awards and receptions at home and abroad. He is associated with more than forty human rights organizations and poetry platforms across the world, and holds different categories of posts and positions. For writing romantic poetry, he is known as ‘Poet In Love’ in the poetry kingdom. Some of his poems are translated into different languages in different countries and included in syllabuses and curriculum in some countries. For his unique contribution in English literature, his biography had been published in an anthology named ‘HOME ANTHOLOGY-AN Antidote of CREATIVE EXPRESSION’ as a world-famous and great poet in 1920 in Texas, USA. He is a guest poet at N-TV in Bangladesh and New York Parrot TV, USA. Different poetry platforms and human right organizations have published his biography as a featured poet with some selected poems across the world. Among the poetry books, ‘Charms of Love’, ‘Love in Life’, ‘Song of Youth’, ‘Resonant Rhymes for Cheering Children’, ‘Shadow of Love’, ‘Dream of Love’ are very popular among avid readers of the entire globe.
Just before the evening hour
When I stayed in the wood,
A nymph appeared in front of me
In a silent and gentle mood.
The wood nymph welcomed me
To visit the place without the shy,
A stunning girl ever approached me
How could I deny?
Hundreds of lavish dresses she changed
Within a few times!
A thousand types of sweet tunes
Were emanating from her chimes.
Amazing! I could not perceive
Where was I, in heaven or a wood?
Members of her coterie
Were serving fruits, wine and food.
They were at dances sometimes,
Sometimes did they fly?
What a luxurious scene!
On the tree, in a row when they ply.
Drunken they were; intoxicated!
And took a chance to gossip with me;
After getting sense at midnight
I found myself under a broken tree.
I was alone in a desolate place
Living from afar,
You came to me as a beloved one
—-As a shooting star!
All stars, planets gazed at you
For your unique beauty,
A chunk of white clouds was dancing
In the blue sky in joviality.
A glittering moon with a laughing face
Appeared as a guest,
The sky was dressed with shimmering rays
As she is glitzy with an evening vest.
As buzzing voices from afar
With charming chime,
As a honey bee, she appeared
With a dancing mood in no time.
Some fairies came from heaven
With a multi-colored flower’s garland,
Sea elves with wild dresses
In their mouths a tune of the band.
You were talking with me
As a newly married bride,
Still I’m living in your heart
As a moonlit night’s tide.
Still I remember you
In my dream I see.
Sometimes in a humming voice
Of a flying bumble bee.
If I get you
For only one time,
Being a singing insect
I would often chime.
Being a buzzing bumble bee
I would break your sleep,
Every day I’ll offer you a kiss
As a morning tip.
Procuring a garland of stars
From heaven,
Over the blue sky
I’ll establish a flowers’ garden.
You dance in my heart
Your speech is full of music;
Before my birth in heaven
I set up a decorated attic.
As diamonds fall down
When you laugh,
Glittering stars glaze in your eyes
From every flap.
You are the hope of light
You are my study,
You’re my only bird
In a golden cage as a buddy.
I was born on a beautiful earth
Only to get you,
I don’t want earthly things
But limit to your existing view.
In a silent moment, I often remember you
———- You are my lost song’s tone,
I often go with you on my endless journey
On the midway, I found myself alone.
To live with you forever
Is it a daydream?
Tears rolling down my cheeks
Being with multi-colored cream.
You live on the petal of a blooming flower
I can often see;
Sometimes your tone in the buzzing voice
Of a flying bumblebee.
I often lose my ways
On the unforgettable shattered memory,
I often lose away for sometimes
When I don’t find you in my regular activity.
I’ll fly with colored wings to catch the moon
From my arranged garden,
Until I get you back
When I live in my dreamy heaven.
On a rainy day, a woman stood silently!
In an open space,
Drenched she was!
Within the rain water with a pale face.
Was she weary with stress
In the ceaseless rain water?
Ever trembling she was!
The storms were in the shower.
Rain water rolled down
Over her charming face;
How unique and beautiful she was!
With curling hair and a scanty dress.
I gawked and gazed at the drenched woman
By standing afar,
I would express my inner speech
If I had stayed with her.
What a romance! A thrill!
An ever-joying feeling!
As each drop of ceaseless rain
Pronounced singing.
Soundless, speechless! The drenched woman,
Untouched she was! And stayed alone.
Amazing! The rain soaked dress
With her untidy hair;
How unique and wonderful she was
While moving in the gusting air.
The blinking eyes of the drenched woman
With red-colored lips,
How outstanding she was! With the untied breast
And round-shaped hips.
Passion grew over my unstable mind
If the drenched woman invited me,!
How thrilled I was! Around a blooming flower
Like an intoxicated bumble bee.
Written by: Dr Jahangir Alam Rustom
© All rights reserved by the Author

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