A Creative Road To Walk On / Poem by Kamrul Islam

Poem by Kamrul Islam
A Creative Road To Walk On
Treading the shattered dreams, I traverse
the poetic urge to know about the trees and birds
that feel honored to be melted into peace
for the humans of this endangered planet earth.
New leaves dig the feelings of remote past,
The Clouds move with brilliant rains,
The sky spreads the epic simile in the horizon,
The doctors search for words lurked
in the secret niche of woods somewhere
to ink about agony of souls.
Peace and love, the magical wand in the wind
the scintillating way of fragrant heal
to be united, to surmount the inward pains.
Not utopia, the world wants a universal umbrella
of altruism to wield a perennial bond of humans,
A creative virgin road with smiling morn to walk on…
©Kamrul Islam

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