Nankurunaisa – Poem by Juljana Mehmeti / Translated into English by Arben Hoti

Poem by Juljana Mehmeti
I always seek for imaginary balance
Arm stretching of bones and blood
to upraise the body to the feet
and displace it far away
seeking for a point of support.
Vibrating sensations of invisible air
I feel them to the skin
the capricious slide of the universe
that ignites the pores
in a perfect fusion
of unbridled imagination
of the lost consciousness
shapes of leafs detached from the trunk.
I like to lie down
To the sunlight reflection
the iris of a bud of dew
the daisy flower embedded in the ground
the crown of a wandering cloud dancing in the sea-sky
The aura that surrounds the discovered body …
In time, everything goes to the right place!
* Nankurunaisa – everything is systematized over time


Translated into English by Arben Hoti

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