My creatively positive rumination on a poem titled “The High Command” delineated by Dear Dr. Jernail S Aanand Sir from India / By: Cijo Joseph Chennelil

Dr. Jernail S.  Aanand
My creatively positive rumination on a poem titled “The High Command” delineated by Dear Dr. Jernail S Aanand Sir from India.
LEADERS are the wiser lot
And we must follow them how they act and What they say.
First of all, it is high command who clears the Names and people become the leaders
Then, they have to maintain a cordial relationship and do what
The high command wants and how too
So that they remain in its good books.
The moment the high command thinks
The man is pulling on the strings
The leader is in self-invited turmoil
And soon, his best friends prepare to
Carry him to the altar.
A leader may have a hundred personal views
But he must make public
What the high command thinks
And the earlier he realizes
His brain lies elsewhere, the better.
It is high command whose ends
Must be kept up
And man must strive hard to know
What it wants, when it wants and how too
Or there are suggestions
For the leader to say it quits.
What startles common intelligence
Is if we are so particular to keep
The high command in good humour
And know we are what we are
And to whom we owe all the powers
How come we are unaware
Of our superior command?
All the trouble in the world is
Caused by men
Who have lost the confidence
Of the higher command
And they still want to stick
To the hired glow,
Least realising life, which is not
In concert with higher command,
Is all a fake show.
Dear Jernail Sir,
Your poem titled “The High Command” reminds everybody regarding the need to toe the line of the High Command up in heaven rather than the fleeting High Commands here on Earth.Following the dictates of the High Commands here on Earth make human beings enslaved and with no independence of their own kinds.Yes,when leaders act out of experience and wisdom,they should be allowed to be led. The culture of High Commands of changing the rulers in accordance with their whims and fancies must be curbed or curtailed at any rate.If people are in the peck and call of the High Commands,then they are inducted into the scheme of things which can be termed as a bad practice.If the administrators don’t curry favour with the High Commands,they are unceremoniously removed or shown the door which is surely undemocratic.The administrators who express their independent views come under the ire of the High Commands.The honest administrators are on the firing line or their days are numbered,if they have a free line of thought pattern.The personal loyalty is more important to the High Commands than regional leaders genuine sense of fairness and efficiency in doing things.Disagreeing with the High Commands is tantamount to political death sentence for the regional stalwarts.We have the this tendency of the propitiation of the High Commands instead of standing for our own rights.Those who remain with their heads held high are demoted by the High Commands.The crux of the matter is that we need to be accountable to the Supreme Being.In the court of Supreme Being,if we are failures,then we are gone with the winds.If we don’t modulate our life as per the will of the Supreme or Ultimate Reality,then our life here on Earth will become a pretentious thing altogether.Kudos to you for composing such a poem of fantastic and outstanding nature.
Cijo Joseph Chennelil.
Kuravilangad 2021@

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