A Teacher, The Light Of The World / Poem by Kamrul Islam

Poem by Kamrul Islam
A Teacher, The Light Of The World
A teacher keeps the world enlightened and dynamic,
He ignites the frozen souls of this earth by his blood’s fire,
No cares to stride on the broken roads of life to garner
The fruits of knowledge for the long humanity.
A teacher blooms the morning, walking the long night
Being awake and navigates the horizons with great thirst
Teaches the learners how to make dreams come true.
He knows well the night’s tales of pains and agonies,
Starving, frowning the insults, overcomes the barriers,
A teacher is ever a man who generates hopes and peace.
Disseminates the impalpable seeds for meticulous morns,
Though sometimes he plunges into the stormy darkness.
He gleans rays groping in the dark and instills them into
The minds of those who would forge the future of the world.
Hears the ethereal melodies of nature, the divine blessings–
The auras, lights of good days and undaunted souls.
A teacher represents God and tries utmost to prove-
The homo sapiens, the best of the creation by wisdom
And virtues of altruism and ever glowing manifestations
Of the attributes of innovative spurs and speeds that drive
The mankind to the banks of never-ending flawless rivers.
A teacher, the light of the world that never bows down head
A Guruji, an unexhausted traveler that never knows to stop.
©Kamrul Islam

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