AT NOON IN SHEILA’S YARD / Poem by Ibrahim Honjo

Poem by Ibrahim Honjo
In front of the house, the old cherry tree bears fruit as ever
with its branches resounding a crescendo of sparrows
Jibril cat dozes beside a tree
mouse mealworm defiantly runs in front of it
below the retaining wall
a large anthill full of yellow and black ants
somewhere crickets echoing a sonata of peace
Sheila is reading under an umbrella
her sore legs in a tub full of salt water
I decide this is the best time for suicide
I come up to Sheila and put my arms around her
her thick book drops off from her hands
a look of surprise fills her red face
confusion and delight
and from her eyes, a gleeful light shining
stepping up in the heat of this sunny afternoon
I am not looking back
I squeeze her even tighter
and kiss her lips the color of ripe figs
when someone loves someone
sometimes the vision blurs…
sometimes love wears glasses
sometimes love is blind

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