I Want to Die in Your Arms / Poem by Lily Swarn

Poem by Lily Swarn
I Want to Die in Your Arms
Death doesn’t come with a call bell
There is no guarantee from which door
It may decide to walk in on rubber soles
It wears invisible colours to fool even the mightiest minds
Shamelessly striding the world uncontrolled
It smirks secretly at burglar alarms
and oversmart electronic fences
Death has the innate capacity to trample civilisations in a jiffy
Like an inebriated war elephant, pumped up on steroids
Death can prance outside my dainty lace curtained window
While I sleep without a care in glorious repose
Beatific smile hovering on my lips
Yet you told me on that magical day
”I want to die in your arms”
Were you merely expressing a desire ?
Or do you know Death intimately ?
Copyright Lily Swarn 5.10.2021

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