STABIAE of a Past Time / Poem by Stefano Capasso

Poem by Stefano Capasso
of a Past Time
Slept peacefully,
at that time in the evening,
industrious people
of the city ,
while the narrow alleys
of the Ancient Center
they became quiet.
On the contrary, at that time,
the important routes
they lit up
constantly coming and going
of burning torches,
on adorned carriages,
of Noble People
coming out at that hour.
Lived happily
the Stabiae Gloriosa,
among industrious people
and of high lineage,
this was Stabiae.
Slept peacefully,
having everything
and where it was missing
the Nobles ran
to lend a hand
and that was enough
for a peaceful life.
Then, everything changed,
since that day
that we have become
a Single State.
That spell was brought to an end
with Corruption,
operated with vile money,
that, everything
that the Power enriched,
could buy.
Even today, alas,
this imported cancer,
to every effort to eradicate it
resists inveterate
but strong and convinced
the commitment remains
of respectable people,
to send it back to the sender.
All rights reserved
@ copyright
Author Stefano Capasso

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