THE IMPORTANT THING IS TO GET THERE / Poem by Maria Dulce Leitao Reis

Poem by Maria Dulce Leitao Reis
I look straight ahead
and I notice people look askance.
This humanity is strange.
Afraid to look you in the eye why?
Are they afraid,
that the variety of crimes
they have already committed
will be discovered?
Are they afraid
that their macabre intentions
will be discovered
and their plan aborted?
It’s not worth trying to hide
what will be in plain sight.
Sooner or later
everything will come to light!
Not everyone
have the same sensitivity
and insight.
That’s why some
assimilate at a snail’s pace,
at the impressive speed of light.
I admire these last people
and I feel extremely good
among them.
There is a lot of complicities
in the look and the pores!
the important thing is to get there!
Sensitivity and acumen
are required in tight curves,
that life forces us to.
We are acquiring dexterity
self-restraint, confidence, wisdom
to manage the commands.
Don’t let the ego inflame
with so many attributes.
Attention is needed
to prevent skidding.
Cataracts already blur the vision.
at this point on the way
I don’t trust the senses,
they already shuffle everything.
Skin is my radar
I need to protect my heart.
With so much turmoil
better safe than sorry!
©Maria D. Reis

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