Sudhakar Gaidhani (India)

Sudhakar Gaidhani (India)
Date of Birth: 18-Sep 1947
Place of Birth: Khapa, Nagpur, MH, India
Education: M.A. – Marathi Literature – Nagpur University, India
M.F.A. – Drama – Nagpur University, India
Profession: Ex Contributory Lecturer, B.F.A. Govt. Fine Arts College, Nagpur
Information on Books Authored
1. Kabritala Samadhista (In Trance in the Tomb): Poetry collection 1973. Noted critic Prof. Dr. D.B. Kulkarni, Ex HOD-Marathi Department Nagpur University, said in his introduction “He has not used his personal experiences of displacements unduly, nor exploited them for assumption of glory. Poet Gaidhani is fresh flowing stream of today’s Marathi land of poetry”. (This is remarkable considering that Gaidhani was a coolie and a dish-washer in a village eatery).
Now at his birthplace, Khapa, Municipal Council has opened a public garden in his honour called “Mahakavi(Epic poet) Sudhakar Gaidhani Garden.
Fans of Gaidhani’s poetry from Norway had visited his birthplace at Khapa near Nagpur, in Oct 2017. The group stayed there for four hours and released the life sketch of the poet in camera.
Only a rare writer gets the chance to appear for an examination for a MA degree course whose syllabus includes his own book. Poet Sudhakar Gaidhani is such a writer.
2. Devdoot (Long poem – First canto of epic Mahaavaakya -1981)
Devdoot the Angel – English translation, translated by Prof. Dr Om Biyani. This volume is published by Writers Workshop, Kolkata-India, Agents in USA, Jean Johnson, New York.
Poetry volume ‘Devdoot the Angel’ listed in the Index Translationum database of UNESCO (2016).
A curiousity is that Smithsonian Institute, Washington discovery of 30 million years old fossil of a giant bird reminded a critic of Devdoot. Devdoot’s characteristics remarkably resemble those of the real-life giant bird, gigantic size, flying over oceans, living aeons ago. Raymond T. Rye II of the Smithsonian Institute on reading Devdoot found the coincidence “A rare occasion when science and poetry can meet with such magnificent blend of serendipity” (correspondence with the poet in 1988, after discovery in 1987, and the Devdoot was published in 1981).
3. Mahaavaakya: Its first canto was published in 1981, second in 1999 and in 2004 the poet’s fans collected fund and published “Samagra Devdoot : Mahaavaakya(Epic poem) of 5 cantos. This epic contains 555 pages, 9751 lines, 33003 words. Dr. Biyani’s paper on Gaidhani’s Mahaavaakya is published in a Romanian journal, Contact International.
4. In 2016 captivated the attention of Marathi readers by his second epic poem “Yogininchya Swapna Sawlya” (Yogini’s Shadows of Dreams)
5. 125 short Radio plays. 3 full-fledge drama staged successfully.
6. Six collections of poems.
Honours and Awards, National–International
1. Participated with own paintings with the globally known painters’ work at Khapa, India 1976
2. Best literature award of Maharashtra Government for Devdoot, 1982
3. Best Music Direction Award of Govt. of Maharashtra (For self-authored drama Raibai Bhulabai), 1987
4. Devdoot Hindi edition released at the hands of the then Prime- Minister of India Hon. Chandrashekhar, Nagpur, 1991
5. Honoured by Magnum Foundation Nagpur,with their highest honour Deshratna award (National Gem Award), 2001
6. Felicitated by Aravind Babu Deshmukh Trust at the hands of senior journalist and then High Commissioner of India to UK, Mr. Kuldeep Nayar for his contribution as a poetry columnist (15000 lines), 2003
7. Honoured by the then Governor of Andhra Pradesh state, Sushilkumar Shinde, Nagpur 2005
8. Nagpur Corporation’s Best Award of Rs 51000/- for outstanding contribution in literature, 2
9. All India Marathi Literary Pride Award by Dalubhau Jain Charitable Trust, Jalgaon – 2019
10. National level award “Pride of Vidarbha” of Rs 100.000/- by Krushi Vikas Pratisthan, Nagpur – 2020.
11. State level highest “Dhnyan Yogi” award of Rs 11000 with citation by Sahitya Vihar (state level literary organization) , Nagpur 2021
12. World Academy of Arts and Culture -USA, conferred DOCTER Of LITERATURE (Litt.D.) upon him at 37th World Congress of Poets–Mongolia in 2017.
13. International William Blake award for outstanding contribution in poetry from Contact International magazine editorial group, Romania – 2021
14. Diploma de Honor from del alma Administration, Colombia-2021.
15. Premio Mundial Hispanomericano ” Plum de Oro” by Por Muy Meritoria Trayectoria Literaria PERU-2021
16. Conferderacion Latino- Americana De Escritores Artistas Y Poetas del Mundo “Embajador Itierante” by Director of World Union of Poets and Writers Mexico and to the Latin American
Confederation of Writers , Artists and Poets of the World-2021.
17. International Honour from Contact International literay magazine from Romania- The Celestial Year-2021, Contact International is named after our LAUREATE THE GREAT INDIAN EPIC POET SUDHAKAR GAIDHANI.
Other Information
Two cantos of my epic poem “Devdoot the angel” has been translated into ITALIAN and Romaian. First canto is also translated into Chiense, Macedonian, Hindi and Tamil.
• Marathi poems broadcast from Moscow Radio.
• Poetry translated into English, Romanian, Italian, Macedonian, Chinese, Spanish, Greek, German, Albanian, Arabic, Swiddish, Russian, Tajik, Turkish, Serbian, Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, and Gujrati.
• Works published in several international magazines.
• Works available in worldwide libraries including Library of Congress, Washington.
• Toured abroad for literary meets.
• Four scholars submitted their research thesis in universities on Gaidhani’s literary contribution.
• Works included in different Universit’s Syllabus in Maharashtra State.
Devdoot : The Angel
O seafaring birds hunting for pearl-feed!
Fill up your beaks
with the eternal youth of my wings
because I’ll soon be flown off
by messenger-fakirs that weep while they laugh.
On this isle just a few buds remain
of intoxicating flowers;
so before I too shed my petals
search out and keep my eyes –
because I’ll soon be flown off
by messenger-fakirs that weep while they laugh.
One hasn’t yet found the caravans
of Sindbads with golden dreams
that were on this same way misled;
nor has one yet wiped
the stains,
on the stones,
of the jewels that the stars here shed.
The ruined pavilions
within a score of miles,
in this phantom’s domain,
were undone by their love of tombs,
their passions yet unquenched.
It’s a valley of tyrants where
all hell has broken loose and where
a war is on-a veritable wildfire –
while the waves that girdle me in chains
fornicate freely with the shore.
Since He does not find on my riot-torn face
the glow befitting a prisoner
God himself is pained.
I too can hide this earth
under my wings outspread;
I too can soar can flap my wings
Like you and you; every branch here bears
The marks of my claws
It was I that gifted
This graveyard to those fakirs
To this day I cherish in my wings
the eyes of Christ
and the Buddha’s smile
That’s why this sea has made a captive of me.
out at sea the boats of my agonies
are singing their sea-songs;
go and receive them please,
because even they will be flown off
by messenger-fakirs that weep while they laugh.
the tribes of hangmen-weavers
that pleat the ropes for their job
have earned a bad name here;
their only crime is this;
they are slaves to hunger.
There is so much fire still
in the kiln of their eyes
that no sooner do the rulers become oppressive
than will they reduce to ash
every dictatorial structure.
Hey, is it that you, too,
consider me a madman?
So, count your feathers in the dark,
quietly sharpen your beaks
by rubbing them on each other’s
and let the night pass
And pester daylight
so much with your beaks
that night should come back fast.
Translated from Marathi by Om Biyani
Translation of Canto – I of Mahavaakya (The Great Utterance),
original Marathi Epic Poem in five cantos (555 pages)

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