Poems by Nancy Ndeke

Poems by Nancy Ndeke
WE all are,
Corridor, tunnel, spiral and mural people,
Wearing coloured souls below the skin.
We all are,
Depths, heights, widths and shallow people,
Daring dalliance of distances of fellowships disconnected.
But to find a way being to lose a way a sway does still ring.
Of a revival floating upon the wakening morn,
Where bard song Rhymes with bird call.
And eyes suddenly debate the illusions of seeds long dead to wrong,
Peacefully prunning what halted the musical notes of tender charms.
Hope,a new ship raising a new ladder built of old forgotten planks.
New birth speaks to every night.
New land has found freedom.
And man is breathing the new air in gulps.
Overwhelmed. Raised temperature.
Heat and cold exchanging blows.
Racing heart. Adrenaline charge.
Insomnia. Appetite loss.
The monster readies to prey,
But whose the prey pray?
The self lost in the miasma of its own insecurities,
It tumbles down the path of blame games,
To totality of loss of self and that which was illegally “owned”
As they say,
Jealousy is the last class one takes,
Before graduating to a witch.
Except, it’s its own casualty.
As the grace of grass and the dew drenched flowers,
As a new born in the glory splendour of arrival,
Simplicity leaves complexity astounded,
Rainbow and mists kaleidoscopic magic,
So is the mystery of choral reefs and stunning displays,
Dress came to undress,
Untrusting of the idle mind wandering prey,
Art became hostage to museums,
As youth got compounded behind high walls,
Away from its wild adventurous stallion spirit.
Prisoners of a rogue land thirsting for the innocence.
Our loss transferred directly to the future.

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