THE UNEVEN RACE / Poem by Dr. Jernail S Aanand

THE real weight on our legs
Is not our body,
But our mind
If we carry it in a head that has
No sense of the even and the uneven
When we don’t play fair and under deal somebody
We are great losers
The man might forget
But our mind is frequently visited
By the thoughts of this fraud
Things add to the burden of our mind
And grow on our neck
As many heads
When the number of people grows
Whom we have played unfair
Millions are involved in the game
And these people
Do not eat a happy pie
Rather in their sleep remain besieged
By the fall out of their actions
Joy and happiness are an anathema to
These people
Instead you can see
Their disturbed mental balance
Reflected in their abnormal actions
This is the result of uneven behaviour
We disturb our own peace
And lead lives
Throughout punctured by
Thoughts of the overact
If people who play foul add
To the store of human misery,
How can we expect
Men will retain their sanity
If they remain at odds with gods?
With whom, much more than men,
We play tricks
And never acknowledge the boons
We get for free and then,
What an oddity!
Call upon them in times of difficulty.

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