Poems by Małgorzata Borzeszkowska

Poems by Małgorzata Borzeszkowska
A place for summer
summer has come
people make a place for it
they remove themselves
staying in the faded spring
summer has come, taking over space and time,
for some people there was no room left, they stood on the threshold of summer
with a hand on the door handle, a mute knocker,
then they took a step back
they have turned their backs on the bright sun,
now they cast long shadows which we will walk through
for a long time to come
from spring to autumn,
from day to cold,
until summer comes
and we hesitate at the door sill.
Autumn fear
In autumn you live after dark
in the gray haze of rain,
in a different way time passes by,
made of the yarn of sleep.
In the fall, the day is the colour of moss
and a golden line of leaves,
and night put on the world
a blanket in a shade of cherries.
The smell around … it smells bitter
and you know time is passing by.
The world is ending, dying in us
like hope for a flight in the sun.
In the fall, the sounds are muffled by the fog,
you don’t feel the forests trembling,
when fear walks along the edge of woods
and haunts, haunts and haunts.
Because autumn is a scarecrow,
that catches us in a gray coat,
puts us under his hat
in the cold autumn rain.
And he fills with melancholy
pockets sewn with a drizzle,
flies on a broomstick under the clouds
driven by the heavy wind.

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