Poems by Mónika Tóth

Poems by Mónika Tóth
two hearts
two hearts in rhythm
two hearts beating in sweet harmony
two hearts twined together
we are lucky
in your heart
Dedicated my nice Romanian friend Vasile
in your heart
the sun is so bright
the moon is so bright
I live comfortably in your heart
Every day in your heart grow goodness
I adore you
You are the spell
dedicated my sweet Romanian friend, Vasile
You are the spell,
I am the words
and together we created
a beautiful poem
The Hope
sweet like a honey.
Life is beautiful.
evening thoughts
I miss you
I need you
no matter my plans
it’s you I want
say my name
and I ’ll be yours
I love you so much
If I kissed you
If I kissed you
Would you kiss me to
If I told you I loved you
Early morning
The only word on
My mind
Good morning dear
Speak to me
I am exhausted
with your
speak to me
I miss you
You are my everything

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