SHUBHO BIJOYA / DASHAMI (Fellowship post Durga Immersion) / Poem by Laksmisree Banerjee

Poem by Laksmisree Banerjee
(Fellowship post Durga Immersion)
Now is that tortuous yet magical moment
When fellowship ensues with death and departure
Her war against evil
Embraces of love and loss
The pedestal of our Mother shining in grey vacuity after her victory
Her colours flying beyond the Cosmic Void
Rippling shreds speeding across the stream.
I go beyond to feel and heave in
The unfolded union of Birth and Death
Presence of the luminous deep within
The incensed immanence of these wings
The silence of redemption in unseen beams
I love
I laugh
I weep
I bleed
I cling
I fold
I hug
I renounce
At last I swirl
In the miracle of this fragrant instant
Perfumed spirals bridging heaven and earth
When the Fount and the Flow unite
As the River cascades down into the Estuary
The Source and the Goal meet
When dust motes mingle with the light and dark
In these revelling waters of placidity
Waiting to cleanse, flood, whirl, gush
Then quiten in the holy darkness beyond
The surge between the womb and the tomb
In the stillness of death immersed in life
The Divine Mother vibrates through earth and ether
As we hold each other tight
And her clay image speeds
Across riverine time irrevocably…..
@laksmisree banerjee
14th October 2021

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