Mili Das (India)

Mili Das (India)
Mili Das is a bilingual poet and international published poet from Kolkata, India. She also write stories and novels, drama, features, cinema script,drama,child meditation, also love to recite her own poetry.Oneday her quotations of life and love will be known to all people.Her quotation speaks of a deep sense of life.She thinks of her mother as a goddess and worship her. She can’t imagine that she will never touch her mother.
After losing her mother ,her life became like a house without a roof.
She started writing death poems.Everyone continues to say after her poems , it seems as if she has touched death..
In her poetry she says:  “I live with poetry to forget the pain of death”.
Writes in different bengali magazines, periodicals published from India , Bangladesh, Germany, Colombia, Romania , Poland, Nigeria, Virginia,Spain, America,Mexico,Nigeria,Arjentina, Turkey Berlin etc. And falicited from many corners of the world . First poetry book ‘APEKSHA KORCHHI BANDI KAFINE’ was published in January 2019.
Demand for her lovely poems of new dimension from common people all over India urged her to publish her second poetry book ‘RAJBHABANER SAMNE’ and third English poetry book “YOU ARE STILL THERE” published from Romania.
Fourth English poetry book “NEVER BROKEN” published from Florida, America.
Poet Mili Das from Kolkata was honoured and awarded by the Hon’ble Vice President of India SHRI M VENKAIAH NAIDU on 18th September,2021 from Parliament House, New Delhi for translating the immortal lines from the poem of famous Tamil poet Subramania Bharatiar to commemorate the Memorial Day Centenary of Mahakavi Bharati .
The uniqueness of this award is, it has the recognition of the Ministry of Culture , Government of India, Governmental Organization Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts and South Zone Cultural Centre Delhi, Tamil Sangam and the host organization of this project Vanavil Cultural Centre.
She was invited as a poet to Raj Bhaban, the Governor house of West Bengal. She is a eminent recipe writer of West Bengal. She attended various TV programs on national as well as local TV channels. She is a regular food columnist in different bengali food magazines.She is now invited as a judge for cooking competitions.
It’s time to go back
One day I became the owner
Of this garden.
When I took first step here
each plant was very small.
I watered every tree.
I gave love and affection .
The blooming flowers
played with me.
They became my friend.
I scold them sometimes.
I love them sometimes.
I tell them what is right
And what is wrong.
I wiped the dust of their skin.
When a gust of wind came,
They bowed their heads.
Guided them as a mother.
I gave them confidence
to stand up again,
I gave them courage.
I said let the storm come
but never break, be strong.
When I wish I wander around the garden.
Every tree binds me to their love.
They become my friends.
I taught them how to take fresh air.
I told them how to be as bright as rising sun.
Now the small seedlings
Turns into big trees.
My days of teaching are over.
The time for caring of this garden
is over.
Now I am old.
It’s time to rest under their shadow.
This is the truth.
We don’t understand
How the wheel of life
flows with the time.
This journey come to an end.
Now it’s time to take rest.
Now it’s time to return home.
©®Mili Das

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