Principles of Equality between Man and Woman / Poem by Stefano Capasso  

Poem by Stefano Capasso
Principles of Equality
between Man and Woman
It could already then 
to change
the male chauvinist world
Cultured woman,
great speaker,
she had inherited from her father
an extraordinary dialectic,
for sure, superior to many.
To her they turned,
a handpiece
of angry matrons,
for having imposed on them
an unfair tribute
and very heavy.
she took the defense,
with immense courage
and moving words,
she turned to them
keeping the gaze
fixed on the Triunviri:
and still
Until now,
You Men,
laughed at us
if we started thinking.
You pointed to us with contempt
if to your laws
we opposed
and threatened death
if not, we were obedient.
And all this, because
you read unfair
they had allowed it.
But today it almost seems
that still is not enough for you.?
it was her victory,
amid the applause
and unanimous consent.
But, shortly after,
the Senate of Rome
alarmed by the consequences
that he would have
that point of view
hastened to run for cover.
Sanctioned in writing
the ban on women
to carry out activities
in public things.
All rights reserved
copyright @
Author Stefano Capasso

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