Sandrine Davin (France)

Sandrine Davin (France)
Sandrine Davin was born on 15/12/1975 in Grenoble where she still lives.
She is an author of contemporary poetry inspired by the tankas, she has published 14 collections of poetry, the last of which is entitled “Là où le soleil se fane” (Where the sun fades) published by La Kainfristanaise.
Her works are studied by primary and secondary school classes where Sandrine intervenes with these students. She has a taste for sharing poetry with young people and giving them the desire to write…
She is also a graduate of the Société des Poètes Français for her poem “Lettre d’un soldat”.
Translated with (free version)
hear the cry
of the earth
and feel each grain
between the fingers.
– resting against the root
of the dead tree –
under the sole
the stones
nibble the silences.
metal ground
grains of dust
and rust
– to say goodbye
under an autumn dawn –
in the back
of the moon
the reflection of our ancestors.
darkness –
on every moonless night
I watch over the shadow
of the old tree.
the bark splits
a corner of the earth.
the heavy silence
of an ancient time
threatens my breathing.
– the blaze of absence –

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