Poems by Ade Caparas

Poems by Ade Caparas
I FInd Me No More
my Image 1
i am i am i am
the calm wind
in dream of dreams
my Image 2
Covid-19, a power-fear weapon
shot me into decadence
by tagging vaccines
i can’t find me no more!
The Torturous Waves
trumpets sax drums
the why
the how
the when
the where
carry the world!
poet’s linguistic flair
looping words
the intoxication
a reader wants.
my world my world
in its glaring shine…
its bushy foliages
the lilac lapis lazuli
its brilliance
its crystalline likeness
laughing mountains
teasing blue skies
sun’s melting heat
exotic moonlight
twinkling stars
dancing trees
all in compete feast.
then come passing
losing my mind
my shortness of vision
my time
my space
need not be
a theatrical done!
faceless people
mask face
fake smiles
O’ i want
a hammock
to zizo moi
in cloudy skies.
a glass of red wine
my dangling trinkets
my eclectic ways
fill my moments
to a quiescent soul
burst me not to an end.
teardrops falling
pouring rain unstoppable
heart hurts
my eyes have got red
it pains
it hurts
come back
love me
love me
love me
says the Lord…………

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