Poems by Margaret Kowalewska

Poems by Margaret Kowalewska
The Autumn Sea In Our Veins

If you are uncertain
still confused,
restless to know the truth,
listen to the rain pouring
from your soul..

Pouring on
the impatience of mine,
with the sublime gold
from your rim of pale dawn
to the lip of burning red
that touches the rustling waves
of the sultry autumn sea
sparkling with divinity..

This divinity that
ripples in our veins
as the cornucopia blessed
Never wanting to stop
the concert of our breath..

© Margaret Kowalewska
9 October 2021 
In The Essence Of The Wind
Between the lust of the salty sea
and the innocence of the setting sun
there is a fine line
when water, pure
meets the passion of the sun.
They merge as one
on the horizon of your soul
dripping with beauty
through the cracks
of your admiration.
I don’t need validation
from this world
only approval
from the eye of your soul
soothing as if the silence of a sunset
which watches the vulnerable sea
disrobing the banks
form its sandy amber gown.
You own the gold of this world
when the sun in heat
is dancing with tongues
on the surface of your skin.
Between the earth and the sky,
our dreams unfulfilled
splashed with a musky milk
of the orange sea.
Nested desires in the ruffled waves
Divine elixir of your soul sings
with the essence of the wind
between the strands of my hair
Knowing what you feel,
it keeps forever, your secret.
© Margaret Kowalewska
20 October 2021

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