“Sketch of Prévert” of Camilo Múnera: winning poem of “Your favorite poet” contest – Colombia / Translated by María Del Castillo Sucerquia

“Sketch of Prévert” of Camilo Múnera: winning poem of “Your favorite poet” contest – Colombia
Camilo Múnera Benítez (1996 – Magdalena, Colombia), is a business administrator graduated from the University of Magdalena. He has been a fan of science fiction and fantasy since he discovered literature at the age of 12. He participated in the literary workshop TALIUM and was the winner of the poetry contest “Your favourite poet”, both sponsored by University of Magdalena. Currently, he is market researcher and is a business consultant.
We present the winning poem of the poetry competition “Your favourite poet”, sponsored by the University of Magdalena (Santa Marta, Colombia), for members and former members of his literary workshop “TALIUM” by Professor Gustavo Arrieta.
Congratulations to Camilo Múnera for his poem “Boceto de Prévert”, translated into Spanish by the Colombian renowned jury, poet and María Del Castillo Sucerquia.
Sketch of Prévert
in the rain, which is your blood
you wander unhappy by France
blurring the face
of birds and imprisoning them
in drawing ink cages
you look for Barbara
armed with a paper rifle
firing blanks
in the drama theatre
your lungs contain
the final act
and you drop the curtain
Boceto de Prévert
Bajo la lluvia, que es tu sangre.
Vagas inconforme por Francia
Desdibujando el rostro de las aves
Y encerrándolas en jaulas de tinta.
Buscas a Bárbara armado
con un fusil de papel
Disparando balas de salva
en un teatro dramático
Tus pulmones encierran
el último acto.
Y bajas el telón.
María Del Castillo Sucerquia
María Del Castillo Sucerquia, (1997 – Colombia), is a poet, literary agent, columnist, oriental medic (Neijing, Spain) and translator (French, English, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Greek, Spanish and German). She is Ancient Chinese and Hebrew student. Recognized and award-winning translator of many writers around the world and known for being a great bridge between foreign language authors and the Spanish speaking world. Director of the literary forum and magazine Read Carpet. The AHCASA Morocco-Mexico Alliance and the World awarded her an honorary doctorate in Transcendental Humanism (2021).

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