THIRST / Poem by Laksmisree Banerjee

Poem by Laksmisree Banerjee
the brown wilted leaves dusky in whorls,
cuddled in parched mud
can hardly breathe
some of them still hang
on twigs of the crooked tree
with a bent broken spine unquenched forever
along the thirsty salty shores
of an orange-grey sundown…
the withered flowers on ground
trapeze in a dance of death
rolling in a wayward breeze
of heartlessness inviting
the dark clandestine night….
I sit lonely with the warrior waves
thrashing my feet frail with endless walking
searching for sea shells with live molluscs
hoping to find an oyster with a brilliant pearl
to hide in me
from the tradesmen out there…..
waiting for the drowsy sun
to drop into my lap lovingly
for a tranquil sleep…..
yet no scintillating pearl,
no warm love in sight
as the sun dives into
the abysmal cold waters
leaving behind the fathomless night
myself lost in an eternity
of search
for the light!!
@ laksmisree banerjee
23rd October 2021

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