WE HAVE OUR LIGHT / Poem by Maria Dulce Leitao Reis  

Poem by Maria Dulce Leitao Reis
You attract what you transmit.
The perception I have
is that everyone
have heard about this.
But does everyone have the notion
of this statement
and the conviction
that we attract what we transmit?
I think many say this for nothing,
others pretend not to know
and others maybe don’t even know
because if they had the notion
of what it really implies,
as if it were a prediction,
they would be more careful
with the actions performed.
Having this care,
they would be concerned
about doing only good,
because no one
will want to attract evil to himself.
The truth is we say a lot
without thinking
and so,
we do a lot of nonsense
and hurt people and the planet
There is no necessity…
Faced with a society
in which people are increasingly selfish,
there are still those who,
at certain times,
manage to imagine themselves
in the other’s situation.
Maybe the world
doesn’t necessarily need
great heroes and saviours
of the country,
just conscious beings
who know that sometimes
a little for us
can be a lot for others.
Always add a dash of love
to all cooking.
love is the key ingredient
improves all dishes!
Some people think they shine
by being arrogant
because they think that arrogance
offers them
an unlimited world of stages
to act out their stupidity.
The result is a depressing spectacle.
The limelight not lit up!
Determination, courage
and self-confidence
are decisive factors for success.
If we are possessed
by an unshakable determination,
we will be able to overcome them.
Kindness, charity, empathy,
are decisive factors for happiness.
Success and happiness
can be two good allies,
it’s all in our hands.
Regardless of the circumstances,
we must always be humble,
modest and devoid of pride.
It’s in the small and simple things
that we are big.
We don’t need spotlights
We have our light!
©Maria D. Reis

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