THE IMMORTAL REMAINS / Poem by Dr. Jernail S. Aanand

Poem by Dr. Jernail S. Aanand
When I am no more my dearest,
You will give me a formal wash
And wrap me in clothes which look ethereal
And hasten me to the crematory
Will you pour oil on my body
To sharpen the lust of the flames
And for the last time
Heave a sigh so deep
And then, pick up my ashes
And consign them to a holy river
And hold a holy recitation
To make sure I rest in peace.
What will you do of my immortal remains?
My love for you?
And my ideas, my books,
Which I have dedicated to eternity?
Leave this sombre mood
And wear on your lips a deep smile
A small portion of mine,
Since my birth lived on this earth divine.
Death is a ritual of the live
We sink and yet survive
I come from an immortal race
Which stays alive though changes its face.

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