Vadim Terekhin (Russia)

Vadim Terekhin (Russia)
Vadim Terekhin (Вадим Терёхин), poet, co-Chairman of the Russian writers ‘ Union, Vice-President of the international Academy of Russian literature (Moscow). Chairman of the Kaluga regional branch of the all-Russian public organization “Union of writers of Russia”. member of the coordinating Council of the international poetic movement “World without walls” (VSP), corresponding member of the Petrovskaya Academy of Sciences and arts (Saint Petersburg), full member of the Academy of Russian literature (Moscow), full state adviser of the second class of the Kaluga region.
27.01 was born in 1963 in the village Pesochensky of the Tula region. He graduated from the Kazan higher military command and engineering school of the rocket forces named after Marshal of artillery M. N. Chistyakov and the Moscow literary Institute named after M. Gorky. Served at the Baikonur cosmodrome, works in the field of literature, culture, art and cinematography.
Winner of literary awards: all-Ukrainian literary award named after Taras Shevchenko (2018), the international Slavic literary forum “Golden knight” (2016, Golden knight in the category “poetry”), the all-Russian award named after the poet-frontman V, T. Stantsev (2016), the international award “Imperial culture” named after Eduard Volodin (2012), the Literary Award “Belukha” named after G. D. Grebenshchikov (2012), prize of the Central Federal district of the Russian Federation in the field of literature and art (2009), winner of the honorary prize of the poetry Forum in Bahrain (2007), national literary prize “the Paternal house” the name of the brothers Kireevsky (2002), winner of the second contest Filaret’s religious poetry on the Internet (2001), the literary prize of the publishing house “the Golden path” (2000), literary award named after Marina Tsvetayeva (1998), national award of Fund of support of democracy for young writers (1996).
It’s well-known that
In accordance with all laws of nature,
Water is unseen and dead
On entering the supply network.
And waits to be rescued until
It starts flowing through pipes.
Water, like the language of poetry,
Can’t live in captivity.
It’s devoted to flowing,
To pressure hidden in the chest.
And always beats its way
Out of any kind of captivity.
And if you take a look at water,
Compare it to our own meagre experience:
As soon as it breaks loose into freedom,
Water becomes alive.
Do you hear the cricket start
The song on the lyre is baked.
No matter how cruel the world is,
Words and music are eternal.
We were born to be lost.
Vanish in the endless darkness
Fame, wealth, and power.
Words and music are eternal.
How can we live on earth
Simply, slowly, cordially?
In a world of evil,
Words and music are eternal.
Life fit into seven notes.
But in a hurry fleeting
Everything in this world will pass.
Translated from Russian by Jenny Wade

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