RHAPSODY IN BLUE /  Poem by Ibrahim Honjo

Poem by Ibrahim Honjo
A blue house next to a bluer sea
a blue olive on blue rocks
a blue stream running next to a blue house
on the other side of the stream a blue forest
leaning against blue mountains
that run in my blue blood
flooded by many wounds
in my old body, everything is blue
blue is my bones from birth
blue is my thought and my eternal longing
blue is my shadow and my sorrow
blue is my love like a blue flower
blue the unwritten poem
about my beloved from blue mountains
and about Mahalla that blooms in blue
this blue poem will be my gift
for blue generations to come
that will settle in Mahalla
in the new blue centuries
this painful blue day in Mahalla
where no one can see eternal peace
where love becomes transparent as cellophane
transparent are the people
there is less truth and many more dreamers
therefore, I dream of a day
where Mahalla will be happily blue.

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