Hasije Selishta – Kryeziu (Kosova)

Hasije Selishta – Kryeziu (Kosova)
Member of Board of International Poetical Galaxy ATUNIS and Publication Executive ATUNIS
Hasije Selishta – Kryeziu was born in April 13 of the year 1960 in Kamenica, Kosovo. She sattended the elementary and high education at her birthplace and latter on, she attended the University of Prishtina for Jurisprudence in Prishtina. Hasija has 8 volumes of poetry published and 2 novels. For her creations in prose and poetry she has won with some prizes locally and worldwide. Her poems are included in the Anthology, where many other international authors are presented translated in a few languages. She is member of WPS, IWA and member of Board “ATUNIS”
When the rose was broken
When the rose
Was broken
The girl cried
She did not find again
The dream lost
When the pink rose
Was broken
The girl did not smile again
She took the world in her eyes
The apple’s bough dried up
When the white rose
The girl fell into the fire.
The extinguished light
In the threshold I hold my steps
Along with the wild rose
I think
What room should I enter?
In any of them as to my wish
To go in the hallway
By all means I have to pass in
The extinguished light
From outside is reflected
A light in the wall
Entering inside
A shadow slipped
In front of me
The wild rose fell from the hand.
The Shiny crown
Long past silhouette
In the rails it enchains
Absorbs grandiosity
At sunset
The crown shines
Until rebirth
In the crown
Beautiful flowers
How beautiful is the day today
Translated by Dritan Kardhashi

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