Poems by Wendy Mary Lister

Poems by Wendy Mary Lister
When Living Is Less Than Nothing 2020
Night resides on the windowpane,
saddened by the unsympathetic-grey sky
By the woolly head I have,
Inactive eyes
The way of living we have to endure
is-not-living, only if living-is less than nothing
The clock has mocked my everyday,
the silence, peace that’s gone
It has been replaced by a restlessness
that wants to play with anxiety
I can only pray,
I haven’t lost my way
I have lost my way with words,
because the beauty of life has been
put on hold
We can no longer venture further
than what feels mundane in this city
Energy lacks, over and over:
Will anything ever be normal again
I miss splashing through
the incoming tide; rambling through the countryside, breathing in clean air
I miss sitting on wet-salty rocks,
listening to crashing waves
And I miss the adrenaline rush-
when doing nothing at all, except
Swallowed Names—
After death
love sits with icy legs,
lifeless skin
Tears of the living
continue to bend on fragile
pounding eyes
with the wrath of
a heavy mist, expressing
Fingers carve
foreheads with
the names of those
who’ve died
            and the why’s
In the soil lay
mosaics of
cold flesh-
over bones,
halted veins
that once mapped
the way to a pumping
heart and brain
Now they fold,
nurture the earth;
swallow cold air-where
leaves hang

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