Elvira Kujović (Serbia- Germany)

Elvira Kujović (Serbia- Germany)
Elvira Kujović is a bilingual poet ,editor, translator and painter. She was born in Serbia and she is living in Germany since 1992. She has published eight collections of poems and one novel. Her books have been translated into 9 languages. Her poems have been translated into 16 languages and published in various major world anthologies. She received three international awards, one in Italy and two Turkey. Her poems will be published monthly in numerous literary magazines in different countries. She mostly writes socially critical poems.
I dreamed
the Peace
was dead.
I dreamed
nobody was
about it sad.
I dreamed the People
still hurt one another
the truth looks in the face of the lie
and smokes one joint
after the other.
I dreamed of a colosseum
and in it the lions kiss each other
smell the flowers and miss nothing,
they are just happy.
I dreamed about ants
growing as big as giants,
I dreamed of the rain
falling hot from the sky.
I dreamed all people were high.
I dreamed a dream about a dream
and I woke up in the universe of peace.
The beloved soul
I see faces behind the faces
I see laughing, distorted,
dead and unhappy faces.
I see souls in souls
sick in healthy
unhappy in happy.
I see death running
and how it got drunk.
I see people in graves
with huge eyes
full of memories.
They keep their memories
in the eyes.
I see a few more eyes
and then
more and more eyes.
Which couldn’t save their souls from themselves.
They lied to themselves
and cheated,
they have forgotten
where they came from
and where they should again be going.
Now they search for something
with their countless eyes
but without souls
they can’t see anything
and all eyes are in vain
when the loving one
isn’t there
to let them see
with his eyes.

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