Poems by Jean C. Bertrand

Poems by Jean C. Bertrand
Never stop
Truly, no one can
Absolutely, a
Divine mercy
No one can
Take it away
Learning, learning, never stop!
No one can, absolutely not,
Take it away,
Today and tomorrow.
Just thinking
More rain arriving
Dancing begins
Luckily by the river
Such imagery touching
Touring tonight
Escaping the winds
In the field trip
Rainbows light
Whistling, its beauty
Coloring, excitingly
Lips glowing
A tingling smile
Not a mystery
O, mademoiselle
Spring into your eyes.
Stay in,
Deeply into the magic
Infuse your mind
Just make a pledge
Practice goodness
In the Land
Stay in the light
Stay blessed
©Jean c Bertrand

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