Dimitris P. Kraniotis (Greece) – President WPS

Dimitris P. Kraniotis (Greece) – President WPS
Dimitris P. Kraniotis is a Greek poet & medical doctor. He was born in 1966 in Larissa Prefecture in central Greece. He studied at the Medical School of the Aristotle University in Thessaloniki. He lives in Larissa (Greece) and works as internal medicine physician. He is the author of 9 poetry books. He has won international awards for his poetry which has been translated in 25 languages and published in many countries around the World. He has participated in several International Poetry Festivals. He is Academician in Italy, Doctor of Literature, President of 22nd World Congress of Poets (Greece 2011), President of World Poets Society (WPS) and Director of Mediterranean Poetry Festival (Larissa, Greece). His official website:
In a flash
You violated the borders
which buried their
know thyself,
you destroyed prisons
behind curtains
turned ablaze by
the spark of your anger,
without cries,
without whispers,
in a flash,
that simple it was,
you gave birth to light,
when you embraced
what isn’t told
(although written)
in darkness.
We ’re naked now,
we donned the colors,
undressed words and voices,
we ’re blind now,
we drank the light,
swam in death,
with alcohol and tobacco
in our luggage
we testified falsely,
forgetting who we are,
we built our life on a bird
and we flew again,
simply we moved.
Sinful corners
“St. Nicon Repent-Υe”
on the calendar
of a cloudy morning,
with the rain to persist,
determined to wash away
the Erinyes of guilts,
victories and defeats
in sinful corners
of pavements and rooms,
of minor moments
and of similar, too.
To the dead poet of obscurity
(In honor of the dead unpublished poet)
Well done!
You have won!
You should not feel sorry.
Your unpublished poems
-always remember-
have not been buried,
haven’t bent
under the strength of time.
Like gold
inside the soil
they remain,
they never melt.
They may be late
but they will be given
to their people
to offer their sweet,
eternal essence.

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