Márcia Batista Ramos (Brazil)

Márcia Batista Ramos (Brazil)
Márcia Batista Ramos, Brazilian. Degree in Philosophy. Cultural manager, writer, poet and literary critic. He is a columnist in Inmediaciones Magazine, La Paz, Bolivia, in binational journalism Exilio, Mexico, in archive.e-consulta.com, Mexico and in Madeinleon Magazine, Spain. He published several books and anthologies, he is also part of several anthologies. She is a contributor to international magazines in more than 14 countries.
All died
before I was born:
Grandma Antoinette
Grandma Negrita
Grandpa Cesáreo
Grandma Leontina
Grandpa Ignacio
The aunts
The cousins
Today I’m alive
Full of the dead!
The world seemed big
They made the wars
Deaths and dead
Aroused illusions
Rare theogonies
We stopped
To the middle of the world
The world became one
Constant approaches
They made another war
Dead and deaths
Mirages and frustrations
Without theogonies
We stopped
to the middle of the world
Rare life
Constant frustrations
God is God!
Let him keep our children!
No one can save us anymore
End of theogonies.
The beaches of my memory
The beaches of my memorial
They have no cliffs
For the tide to hit them
In their tireless comings and goings.
The beaches of my memory are flat
White and desert.
Keep cold days
and rainy mornings
The beaches of my memory
They keep a noisy sea
Of a dark color on the horizon
The beaches of my memory
They come to me in waves
That they bring to my mouth
The taste of salt.

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