Ronny Someck (Israel)

Ronny Someck (Israel)
Ronny Someck was born in Baghdad in 1951 and came to Israel as a young child. He has published 13 volumes of poetry
(The last called “so much god “) and 2 books for children with Shirly Someck.
He has been translated into 43 languages.
Selections of his poems have appeared in Arabic translation, French, Catalan, Albanian, Italian, Macedonian, Yiddish, Croatian, Nepali, Dutch, Danish, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Turkish, Russian and English.
He is recipient of The “Wine poem award” in Struga Poetry Evenings, Macedonia, 2005 and Hans Berghhuis prize for poetry 2006, Holland.
He has been awarded the Cross of The Order of The Knights of
Poland and the knight of the Order of Arts and Letters of France.
Her body is God’s candy bag.
On the battlefields of her smooth belly’s border
I am a chocolate soldier.
שקית הממתקים של אלהים
גּוּפָהּ הוּא שַׂקִּית הַמַּמְתַּקִּים שֶׁל אֱלֹהִים.
בִּשְׂדוֹת הַקְּרָב עַל חֶלְקַת בִּטְנָהּ
אֲנִי חַיָּל שֶׁל שׁוֹקוֹלָד
Photo of Ronny Someck by Liora Someck 

Translated into English by Liora Someck

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