GLASS VASE / Poem by Ibrahim Honjo

Poem by Ibrahim Honjo
This day reminds me of the glass vase
purchased in Prague forty years ago
I saw it in the green eyes
of the beautiful saleswoman Jana
where small red fish imported from China
just two days ago
spawn and rest
the green colour of her smiling eyes
reminded me of the Vancouver Aquarium
that left me with an eerie chill
giving me that strange vibration in the heart
the moment I bought the vase
Jana is wearing the noise of Vltava in her speech
Northern Lights in his large eyes
opalescent beauty on her face
crystal smile on her lips
her precisely sculpted body
caused a spring of passion in me
her hair casually falling down
revealed all the glitter
that is the iridescence in a glass vase
today is a day for remembrance
which is not written in the history of beauty
Jana probably walks on the right bank of Vltava
between the Old Town and Charles Bridge
and does not remember the vases she sold me
with her enchanting eyes
but I will always remember her eyes
her crystalline beauty and her smile

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