WILDERNESSES – Away from the Fake of Consciousness / Poem by Dr. Jernail S. Aanand

Poem by Dr. Jernail S. Aanand
Away from the Fake of Consciousness
Nature has its own pattern,
Which looks chaos to the human eye,
And men apply their mechanism
To give an order and a stature
To what they call wilds
The fearsome wastes of Nature.
Wild is the word which disturbs the civic sense
And both find themselves
At an unsafe distance
The greater the distance
The farther man gets from
The primeval existence.
We try to balance inhuman forays
Into the heart of existence
And lavish green spots man-tained by human Hands with an orderly smile
How blessed we feel,
Sitting in this world of guile
Nature has a primeval order
In its seeming disorderliness
A highly sustained supersensitiveness
A feel of the divine dispensation
Which contradicts with man,
And his ‘spurious’ supremation.
Men overlain with artificial intelligence
Find themselves at variance
With the logic of Essence
And lose their connect
With the divine glow
Once they trudge away from the flow
I leave human habitations
And diverge into fields ploughed by men
And, move on into the wilds, then
Where birds, beasts and leaves
In unison sing,
And human voices into oblivion sink
It is here, I feel I have dipped myself
In a lake of consciousness
Which invests me
With a pristine glow
My senses feel the presence of god
The Sire who is behind all this show.

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