Elena Ananyeva (Ukraine – Germany)

Elena Ananyeva (Ukraine – Germany)
Elena Ananyeva, poet, prose writer, journalist, art critic, cultural scientist. She is born in Odessa near the Black Sea and is author of 25 books. Contemporary lyric poetry and action-packed psychological novels are consonant. Among them are the series of novels “Flight”:
“The Code of Love”, “The Code of Fortitude”. Songs to verses by Elena Ananyeva, as well as a musical were written. Founder of the “Gloria Association of Literary and Artistic Workers”, the “de Richelieu International Literary and Art Competition”. Takes part in the literary life of different countries. Sie lives in Frankfurt, Germany.
Recently, literary critic Anna Bryl-Bondarenko, professor, researcher of the laboratory of family relations, wrote about my life path: “She, in a hurry during her conscious activity to imagine, write about the heroes of the time in a newspaper, in a script, in a play, a project, in a verse, in a sonnet, often forgets about herself. How do you manage to combine a lot on a rather turbulent life path and in various literary and creative incarnations, in art, created competitions and the World Movement?! At the same time, remain a modest and businesslike, caring mother, interested in grandchildren, always rushing to them with interesting stories and culinary delights. As in anthologies, is it written in the table of contents, with poetic delights?»
There are many interesting things in the review. I am grateful to everyone who supports me or tries to comprehend what I have done. It seems scattered, but this is my life. From the side it is more visible. For our already virtual team, this year is significant. The 30th anniversary of the first exhibition of the group of artists and artists “Golden Masters of Odessa” in the capital. I accompany all regular projects with my poems, dedications, awards of laureates … Over the years, there are more than two thousands of them in fifty countries.
Now a well-known project in the world – the International Competition named after de Richelieu and the festival “Diamond Duke”, has grown into the project “Diamond Crown”.
And we are called to contribute to the flourishing of culture, the revival of spirituality and the preservation of Peace in the world. As the daughter of a front-line soldier who went all the way to victorious Berlin, I understand this from the beginning. My axis is an axis in contact with the earth, albeit virtually, for stability. With a victory. Belief in opportunities, the key to success.
The modern world has been swallowed up by a pandemic. Such changes do not occur every century. Perhaps this one will be one for a millennium. For some, change means to some extent bewilderment, collapse: what was self-evident, reliable, disintegrates or is called into question, often in a very radical way.
For others, the change is in uncertainty: young people do not see themselves in a changing world and do not know where it will lead them. Both groups – those who think that the old world is crumbling, and those who find themselves in a world that is itself in the making, they cannot understand its appearance – are facing a challenge alike. Everyone does it at their own discretion. In theory. The level of culture, by and large, influences it. This is the answer to the question: in the name of what all efforts. The main thing is to improve yourself.
In everything, even without calming the storm, fire, catastrophe, pandemic … by the fact of His presence, He leads further. He is not forgotten and glorified. Since higher intelligence nature, even in the middle of a storm, did not hesitate, was not destroyed, this means that He is at the point of balance. In a hurricane, in a tornado, in any storm – the point of balance. Point of stability, creation.
Having understood this, I try to keep the axis, the rod, which allows not to break. Find the balance point. It’s in action.
The general level of culture in the world is suffering. This is what needs to be healed.
To paraphrase Socrates: “talk to me so I can hear myself.” Everyone wants to understand themselves so that others can hear. To rethink a lot. A lot comes up on the way. People want understanding and comprehension of their surroundings. Talk to me mom, dad. But they have been gone for a long time.
And I have to, and I so want to speak over and over again through the paper. It’s like sifting through the events of life. How they become overgrown with myths. Some leave unnoticed, and then pop up in memory, as in a cauldron with boiling oil, a whipped eclair, mixed with flour, eggs and sour milk, floats up.
When the mixture was fried in boiling oil and reached readiness, it rose in a bizarre shape to the surface, like dancing men, amazing dough figurines. For later consumption, waiting for cream fillings. Everything has its time. And its own filling. Interpretation. A lesson. Parable or fairy tale.
Find and get a unique axis of personality stability. Sometimes she is seen immediately clearly. And then you can embroider the stitches of further actions, projects, pages, stories like on a canvas. At times, there is a painful search, a change of emphasis, time for the work to lie down and take on a finished form.
Often, I am asked a question about the first songs, what interests me especially now, what is their fate and continuation?
I have never tried my own songs before. Like Shakespeare on stage. But it turned out by itself. Or rather, my poems are brought into the light of song. I had enough newspapers, poems, books, support for young authors and venerable ones, to represent mega stars in our festivals and anthologies. Previously, I did not want to call creative meetings, spontaneous concerts, marathons – a festival. It requires a red carpet, pomp, but everything is relative.
And since we are celebrating, then this is a festival. It is a pleasure, like exhibitions, to sing in a choir (I have been singing in choir for 15 years). Sopranos. It is a real pleasure to feel how, after a semester of rehearsals, my voice soars to the dome of the cathedral. Classical chorales in English, Italian or French is not easy to sing so that the teeth bounce off.
We used to go in chorus to performances in cathedrals, where they heard the echo of their voices in a large group … Publications on world platforms are an expansion of horizons and an echo of my delights.
Елена Ананьева, поэт, прозаик, журналист, учредитель и организатор Международного конкурса имени де Ришелье и Академии ЛИК. Елена родилась в Одессе, жила и работала одно время в Москве искусствоведом-экспертом министерства культуры.
С поэзией связана с детства: писала и выступала с художественным чтением, собирала на Огонёк поэзии русского языка и литературы.
Закончила Одесский университет филологический факультет и студию киноактера при Одесской киностудии у Киры Муратовой и Василия Левина.
Елена Ананьева, поэт, прозаик, журналист, искусствовед, культуртрегер. Автор двадцати пяти книг, из них серия романов «Бегство», «РОНДО»: «Код любви», «Код стойкости», «Код верности», «Код притяжения, или Пифагоровы штаны». Написаны песни на стихи Елены Ананьевой, «Азбука фигуриста», а также мюзикл. Учредитель Ассоциации деятелей литературы и искусства «Глория», Международного литературно-художественного конкурса имени де Ришелье, Академии ЛИК. Член Международной академии литературы и искусств Украины, Международной академии русской словесности МАРС – создала Европейское представительство в Германии /ЕПВГ/ и Союза писателей ХХI века. Заслуженный деятель культуры Росссийской Федерации. Награждена многими медалями и орденами.
Работает режиссёром литературно-театральной студии ЛИК во Франкфурте-на-Майне.
Живет в Германии.
Окунал серый день
в синеву паруса,
они Розой Ветров так рвались,
так рвались,
оставляя влюбленным
луч солнца в глазах.
Ты – мой суженый.
Ты – моя сила.
Ты – всех мифов,
Сказаний Герой.
Мы с тобой побывали в горах
и у моря, поднимались,
по солнцу сверяя любовь.
Тебя Розой Ветров закружила.
Ты – мой суженый.
Ты – моя сила.
Иконостас наших судеб
раскрасим вдвоём.
Понимаю себя я теперь
Пенелопой, проводив
Одиссея на праведный бой.
Никакое Руно не найти,
не желая, без чувства любви,
без задора в глазах до сих пор.
Пусть божественную тему
мы разыграем, пусть натянем
на струны теперь паруса,
перевязанные лентой –
любви, не печали, вылетая
с ветрами дозором добра.
И слетят с роз хитоны,
укроют от спеки.
И от сглаза, что разве
для слабых – слеза.
Будто зелье,
не песня летит лесовая.
Сбережём всё.
Мы вместе –
трав душа.
Послушай, мост, неси меня туда,
Где начинается моей любви река,
Где искушения стоят в истоке,
Где ветви ивы окунули одиноки,
Мой Мост – металла и слюды.
Две радуги на небе, посмотри.
Я видела подарок тот судьбы.
Две радуги пришли – вдвоём теперь.
Мы отряхнёмся от потерь,
В блестящих брызгах – камушках любви
Мы за руки взялись и радугу спасли.
Сопрано игривой горы –
Внизу города и туманы.
Прорвались из мрака и тьмы,
Затмив острова и раны.
Вознёсся из святых углов,
Сетей и праведных знамений,
В святых мечтах воспрянул Бог –
Поэзии хрустальной гений.
Сопрано чистый, сочный звук.
Сочится мякоть абрикоса.
Из рощи солнечной шальной –
Разлуки лик витает тенью альбатроса.
Вплетя цветы в пшеничные поля,
Молитвы вьются – с ветром косы.
Живёт Сопрано на горе,
На верхних клавишах и нотах.
Листает вихрем чувств простор,
А жить спускается к невиданным широтам.
Спешу к тебе, ты мой родной,
Познаем лучшее, нежданное высоко.
Звучит гитара, саксофон,
Застыл поток оцепенений,
Затмил собой страданий фон –
Игры волшебной вечно юный гений.
Их обрядило солнце – Гелиоса бог,
Позолотив рукой в награду.
В нас Византия остаётся вперекор,
Из свитков и венков лавровых. Радо.
Так жизнь идёт, стремится нас хранить.
Сопрано тема вверх – любовью снова.
Ещё поднять, ещё вести туда,
Где выше крыш летают счастья годы.
Елена Ананьева, Германия – Украина

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