Foreword of Lily Swarn’s latest book “RIPPLING MOONBEAMS” by Dr Ampat Koshy

Foreword of Lily Swarn’s latest book “RIPPLING MOONBEAMS” by Dr Ampat Koshy
Lily Swarn is a remarkable poet. She already has four books to her credit. The first was A Trellis of Ecstasy and it was a collection of poems that left a deep mark on me as they were literally written to work her way through her grief at her son’s passing away. After that she brought out three more remarkable books, the third one on her memories as an army man’s wife The Gypsy Trail and the next, a remarkable cook book History on My Plate that I read for the sheer pleasure of its difference and aesthetic way of narrating about food. Her second book Lilies of the Valley which is a collection of essays received rave reviews from distinguished writers like Mushtaque Barq. When she won the Reuel International Prize for Literature in 2016 she was prolific and writing with a vengeance such that she would often write two or three poems in a day, and she literally wrote her way to the prize with her fiery poems as it is a prize won by meritorious writing and difficult to get, with each poet having to write thirty days non-stop at the rate of one poem each based on prompts given by the group TSL. After that there has been no stopping her or looking back for this poet who has gone on to win local, zonal and regional accolades and national as well as international ones and been featured in an essay on Commonwealth Literature in 2018. Here she is again with a string of wondrous poems in her latest book, a return to poetry for the second time, though she is never far away from it, in a collection called Rippling Moonbeams. She is multilingual and her English poems here are fortunately collated for us and curated by Satbir Chadha, another superb writer, as was her first collection, and show her penchant for alliteration and flair for imagery in full flow, as usual. Lily is an exciting writer and reading her is a trip, and as an aside I am fortunate to say that she has also written poems in the roseate sonnet form which was pioneered by me. I whole heartedly recommend this book and also look forward to books from her at some point in the future in Punjabi, Urdu and Hindi as I have suggested to her.
Coming to the collection under consideration, one point that I want to make which is worth noting to recommend it with is that Lily has extended her range of themes considerably while stylistically her voice remains intact. At the heart of her poems is both a progressive modernist and an earthy village belle, which add to their charm. But what impresses me is that she packs her poems with more thought on various contemporary topics with touches of feminism and love for the down trodden, but most note worthily, her love for farmers in protest is a surprising new political twist that is interesting and appreciable

Lily Swarn

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