POUND OF FLESH / Poem by Dr. Jernail S. Aanand

You pay before hand
(Here, pre-paid is the norm)
As days advance
You find your deposits deplete
Who paid for me?
I got this earth in dowery?
And built forts of comfort
And luxury?
How can you buy sunshine
And air for your breath
And water to quench your thirst
When there is no capital left?
All things that we get
While alive
Are pre-paid
And WE feel they are free of cost.
Gods too believe in free culture
They declare a thousand boons free
To give plasebo effect
To souls deterrent to the idea of ‘maat loka’.
(The world)
But here we overdraw
On air which damages our lungs
Foods which damages our liver
And on animals whose flesh destroys our minds
Our super instinct goes on a killer spree
And leaves us when we are
Drained of our pedigree
No more to pay off and now we gather debtry.
The postpaid mode brings us
To a new contract
And all the things are available
On high interest
Gods act like userers now
And claim their pound of flesh anyhow.

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