Poems by Nancy Ndeke

Poems by Nancy Ndeke
May it be a prayer answered, a wish granted or fates delayed arrival,
Witnessing a sunset after a sunrise,
Humbled that one didn’t, not of own volition
Sorry that one didn’t, forced off by a dark deed,
Regretful that one didn’t, past known facts.
And here I am, tipping this coffee cup to the sun,
And if life’s rhythm still plays drums to my ears ,
Another dawn, another dusk.
The sum total of living being just a moment,
All else are wishes and hopes.
Night precedes day and vice versa
Twin light and dark sons
Absence and presence speaking,
Wild taming is futility dressed as civil,
Bridal gowns of virginal stalemate in hoped for accolades
Space speaks needs not wants
Lost is the journey and traveller who hoards
Things borne of soil must return to the fold
Willingly or unwillingly the season cannot be cheated.
So miss little in the pulsating thrift of travel,
You may come again as earths guest
To learn the missed lessons of integrity and loves lullabic song.
Nothing is as it seems on this realm.
Tread with the humility of a guest lodger.
O grandiose Sumner brilliance enticing a sorrowful worshiper shopping for health
The majestical kaleidoscopic display of healthy glass and grass
Before shards claim the Central Post to scatter pain and lacerations
Am one with healthy wealth and feeble fledging ill,
The full spectrum of a lions aging grace and the hyenas laughter before pouncing
A child of the wider world is no more wild than its heritage
A man’s full name is not his identification but the focus on his humanity.
I have travelled a distance to meet wealth in a sisters molding hands
I have arrived promptly to face kingly embrace from a brothers open palms.
Salvation is not from the hills
Salvation is from within the human soul.

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