Lighting Requires Burning / Nahide Soltani

All units of nature are changing to serve man.
The pressure of the earth pours out like the molten melt and the cold outside causes them to become rocks, and the pressure of water and wind makes them hard rocks.
And again, heat and cold cause these rocks to gradually crumble and soil is created to grow plants and animas (life cycle).The cold puts the trees to sleep a temporary death, and as the weather warms, they turn green and flourish. Prosperity is the result of the difficulty of seeing and freezing and burning and building.
Tides, water cycles, cloud formation and snow and rain. And the river! It originates from the mountain peaks to flow and what difficult routes it takes. It passes through the roughness, flows in the plains with “Naz”, and sometimes stops in thirsty fields, and sometimes gets involved in the thirsty roots of a tree, and sometimes fights hard stones on the way and opens the way for itself with difficulty. It both burns and builds and passes and what adventures it has in its path! It builds settlements and sometimes causes destruction, and finally lands in the sea and calms down.
The reproduction of plants and animals is all accompanied by suffering and pleasure and is accompanied by pain and the end of evolution.
One day, Rumi said to Shams Tabrizi: “So what about our wounds ?!”
Shams replied, “Light enters from the wounds.”
Rumi and the likes of Rumi are my role models in life.
Many times my life has been subjected to severe storms and horrible winds. I have drowned in the vortices of life many times. In the midst of the vortices, I looked at God with a questioning look. But I have seen God by my side with a smile. He seems to be immersing me in the vortices, but he is holding my hand tightly in his. Then when I get caught up in the storms, I have realized that God wanted me to be a diamond, and as long as I was in torment, He took care of me so that I could be better polished, like pure silver, so that God would see Himself in me and us.
This means divine love, man burns within himself to achieve the mysticism of God’s love. That is, to enter into peace and friendship with human beings. Regardless of the type, race, color, skin, or religion of human beings, it makes friends with the environment without harming anyone.
We have two worlds, whether we like it or not. The outside world and the inside world. According to Rumi, the outer world is “the icy night of the desert.” But the inner world is “warm, bright, and cozy.” The outside world is not the real space for us to be. Outside we are a stranger. Inside is our main homeland. But we are so involved in the outside world that we do not have the opportunity to go inside. We have completely forgotten that we have a house inside us. But in the wrong place we look for that cozy house and we do not find that peace and we feel depressed and helpless and lonely in the face of injuries, sufferings and pains and we cannot taste the greed of happiness.
Rumi’s thinking revolves around the axis of human existence and in the passage, Rumi tries to refine and polish the human soul so that humanity can achieve its high dignity. The outside world is created by our purified will and spirit. Rumi tries to offer a solution and with these solutions to lead humanity towards knowledge and create human unity and fill the world with security, peace and tranquility.
According to Rumi, human bodies are like closed jars. You have to look inside to know people. One person’s jar is full of life water and the other person’s jar is full of death poison. If you look at the inner being, you are successful, and if you look at the appearance of human beings, you are misguided.
And my conscience … My conscience is the power of perception within me, it is a just guide for me as it leads me to good deeds. It also prevents bad deeds. I always try to light the light of my conscience and the sound of its bell to reach my ears every time. Woe to me, if one day the flames of sin extinguish the light of my inner conscience, then what will I suffer? Is it other than that I will be a shameless, shameless and carefree person, if the light of my conscience goes out. It will be normal for me to slander, to lie, and I will even give reasons for my lies. If one day I lie, I will be ready for all the bad things. Sometimes I wonder if we are witnessing so much oppression and cruelty and deception of pure and innocent angels. The lights of “consciences” must have been turned off. If we see small coffins in a war and if we hear the heartbreaking voice of women in war or oppression.
The lights of “consciences” must not be turned off. Conscience is one of the emotions and depends on the soul, and if we provide the soul in every way and bring it to peace. Problems of conscience will also be solved ‌. The soul needs to be clear and gentle. If the spirit is hard and not gentle, the person is unscrupulous.
The importance of life expectancy in humans
Life expectancy is one of the most important principles for success in life. Hope creates a feeling in a person that, with effort, he can achieve his desires. It can also strengthen a person’s motivation to achieve his goals. Having hope in life, in addition to mental health, also helps maintain physical health. Life is a path full of problems and ups and downs. People need a lot of patience and strength to go through it. There will be situations in everyone’s life that are relatively difficult without hope. Therefore, life expectancy is one of the most important factors in overcoming problems. Life expectancy is like the force you need to do something.
For world peace and security, every human being must first extinguish his inner conflicts, make friends with himself, and idealize his personal life. The ideal is considered humanely and spiritually. And provide happiness within oneself and bring oneself to the level of prosperity. That is, they have complete mental health. Accept all life experiences to achieve a perfect life in every moment of life. Have the ability to guide themselves and not let the logic and ideas of others guide them. Feel “free” in action and thought. Be creative. And be compassionate to human society and love human beings and animals and their environment. The most ideal life is to live for ourselves and interact with others. If we live to please others, we will forget our true selves and become colored every day, and this change will hurt both ourselves and our world.
For world peace and security and for the establishment of justice and the eradication of war and poverty —– I remind you again that every human being must first change and evolve. Second, every human being should be responsible and not be lazy and be creative and, most importantly, not be oppressed. In the world, it is the “oppressed” person who creates the oppressor.
And the resources of the world have to be divided equally among the people of the world. And savings should always be considered. Resources are not just for today’s humans. The future also has a share in it. Think and find solutions for the welfare of the world today and the welfare of the future.
Never war …..
Justice is the slogan of all human beings …
Eradicate poverty ….
Help the disabled.
Thanks to the dear readers who take the time to help me write better by reading and commenting.
Author : Nahide Soltani ©®
All Rights Reserved To The Author

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