Masudul Hoq (Bangladesh)

Masudul Hoq (Bangladesh)
Masudul Hoq (1968) has a PhD in Aesthetics under Professor Hayat Mamud at Jahangirnagar University,Dhaka,Bangladesh. He is a contemporary Bengali poet,short story writer,translator and researcher. His previous published work includes short stories Tamakbari(1999), The poems Dhonimoy Palok(2000) , Dhadhashil Chaya which translated version is Shadow of Illusion(2005) and Jonmandher Swapna which translated version is Blind Man’s Dream (2010),translated by Kelly J. Copeland. Masudul Hoq also translated T.S. Eliot’s poem , Four Quartets(2012), Allen Ginsburg’s poem, Howl(2018), from English to Bengali. In the late 1990’s for 3 years he worked under a research fellowship at The Bangla Academy. Bangla Academy has published his two research books. His poems have been published in Chinese, Romanian ,Mandarin, Azarbaijanese, Italian,Russian ,Turkish, Nepali and Spanish languages. At present he is a Professor of Philosophy in a government college, Bangladesh.
Atomic clock
The ice is melting at the pole
And the distribution of mass changes in the desert
As the sun approaches, the length of the day decreases
The rotation of the earth
As we go down, so does our age
Maybe one day we will die at birth
But he will be fifty at the time of birth
Adding and subtracting leap-seconds
Atomic clock will get tired
 Page map
In the leaves
Draw a map of the forest
In vegetarian animals
By eating the leaves
The jungle is occupied
There is a dead conch
In your chest
As soon as the ears are thin
I hear the sound of the sea!

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