Poems by Mónika Tóth

Poems by Mónika Tóth
True love
In your embrace
Time stops
tiny snow angel
snowflakes kiss your red cheeks
white winter beauty
I write your name
Dedicated my best Romanian friend Vasile
I write your name
into my veins
beauty fills my heart
I am glad, nice to meet you
in my voice
In my voice,
a conviction stability
In my heart,
a mortal love storm.
In my eyes,
a secret
In my soul,
a flame
i wake up
I see you
your smile lighting
up the room
your words touch my heart
I wrote
This poem
To be honest
When you suffer
I suffer
To tell you, why
The fact is…
I cannot deny
I cry!
Yet see no reason
To tell you why.
two pairs
Two pairs
Of shoes on the doorstep
Wink at me
no title
When all was lost
you gave me life.
can be like love
embedded in velvet
no doubt
happiness not exist
my heart every day hurt..
No doubt, no way out
I need you
Being far from you
Is tearing me apart.
I love you.
I need you.
I miss you.
I am so alone
without you.
The way..
I’m thinking of you,
your smile, your eyes,
your walk, your style.
Your hair, your laugh,
but most of all,
the way you broke my heart
in half.
your eyes
Dedicated my best Romanian friend Vasile
your eyes
pierces my eyes
I smile happily
I feel
I feel happy
When you look at me
Because I know
For one split second
I was on your mind .
I adore you
I am poetess
My words are endless
The smile on my face
I adore you
My hand
My hand is gentle
My hand is yours every night and day
My hand can save you from pain
My hand will hold on to that promise ring
Your beauty
dedicated my nice friend Romanian Vasile
Your beauty
Is like a red rose
Your beauty is
Like art
Your beauty
Shines bright
Every day
I write
I write your name everywhere
I go
On my loneliness
On empty plates
I write your name in my heart
In my soul
In my body
I am happy

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