LOST / Poem by Maria Dulce Leitão Reis

Poem by Maria Dulce Leitão Reis
I lost myself
a long time ago.
I tried several ways
but none worked
everyone took me to the precipice.
An invisible hand
always tugged me by the shirt
until two steps back.
Spreading hands on my back,
pushed me in the opposite direction.
I rolled over me
spreading my view in a 360 ° radius
and my gaze
always came up against the precipice,
exerting a strong attraction over me.
Here I heard a shrill scream,
stronger than the roar of thunder,
sharper than the police siren,
higher than a train horn.
Kinda stunned
I continued
in search of the promised land.
The “promised land” was me,
I never managed to find myself.
Will I ever get it?
I doubt it.
The way the world is,
increasingly sick,
not only because of the intruder
that chased it against the wall
but also because society
being ill for a long time,
affected by serious diseases,
whose cure is expected to be more difficult
and time-consuming
that the discovery of the vaccine
against coronavirus.
The vaccine to cure covid-19
is about to hatch,
now for envy and greed,
two of the diseases
which are undermining our world,
there is still no white smoke.
It is up to each of us to heal the world,
but do we want to do that?
We do not want
because we are too idiot.
overlaps intelligence and common sense,
although common sense
is one of the branches of intelligence
so I didn’t even need to mention it,
but if I did
was to emphasize
that it is really important healing the world
and compel raising the head
of those who only look at their navel.
In this way,
because I will never lie to myself,
I will not be able to find myself
neither will you.
Come on healing the world
It’s good for thee
It’s good for me
It’s good for everything!
© Maria Dulce Leitão Reis
Copyright 11/19/2020

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