Part——188: The Eyes Of Heaven / Poem by Lomas Kumar Bhatt 

Poem by Lomas Kumar Bhatt 
The Eyes Of Heaven
Exhausted breath in exotic shrink mind,
Blooming heart surpassed over shore,
Still blaming on ownness & destiny,
When I die in the journey of life,
At mid of the Hell & the Heaven,
Neither has friends nor foes,
But crematory accompany as compass,
Blessings with thousands of ashes,
Either wills desires,
Or the compassion of thrust,
Surprisingly sudden I listen a song,
Very far away behind, ………
“Wide and wider glance of my beings,
Full of the brighter chance of my trance,
Breathfull love & sweet melody charms,
Come O Come We make divine dance,
Let dance with my spirit,
Come O Come in my golden divine brass,
Nothing perpetual that’s all contradictory,
You and me O my spirit divine mansion,
Hold my arms & dance serpentine,
Come O Come at mid divine mansion”,
Totn torn attire my spirit on in fire.
My being attained to spectators,
Breathfull eyes now act as orator,
Ears resembled to Nature’s sound,
Planets thrilling on beats momentum,
Seven Sage reciting the hymns of birth,
While the Third Eyes of Heaven,
Dancing with the hymns of death,
Goddess of Death playing with,
Half burnt stick withing the pyre,
Heaven now young & alive,
While crematory gloomy bright,
Ancestors fort now open their’s wall,
Souls are free to charm with mother,
Mother Earth rejuvenating,
While crematory more alluring,
Journey perpetual at end at sobbing,
My half laying posture under Parijat,
Looks like a dead stone at dead desert,
To feel this Nature’s contradiction,
Perhaps I shocked to attained,
In penance of nothingness,
The beauty of heaven,
And the fragrance of this Parijat,
Unable to touch,
My beings perhaps surpassed,
Yes I have to go,
Crematory now calling me,
They all needs my presence,
To burn all pyre & to journey eternal,
I just band my lag to stand on,
But I fall down in to,
Sudden appeared hidden divine lake,
Surprisingly enough,
She appeared & hold my hand,
Oh no stay a while,
Heaven needs too,
Look I’m your shadow,
The beat of your heart,
Look I’m your spirit,
The soul of your presence,
Look I’m your tance,
The light of your dreams,
Look I’m your hymns,
Rhythm of your Epic,
Stay a while,
I’m your heaven & crematory well,
I’m your life & death well,
Don’t go anywhere stay a while,
Come inside me left your existence,
She just bend slowly on my face,
All of sudden my beings vaporised,
She inhale inhaled the whole,
With smile,
Secrets hold!
Lomas Kumar Bhatt 
All Rights Reserved.23/11/21

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