Poems by Lily Swarn

Poems by Lily Swarn
I dream of peach roses perched on walls
Doused in love and heady with longing
I dream of mothers whose sons come home
From mindless wars that mean not a thing
Of moonlit terraces where whispers mingle with whiffs of frangipani
And rocking chairs where grandma snores
I dream of valleys where tulips blossom
And cherries redden without a qualm
Where humans don’t care for the cap you wear or the turban you sport
I dream of a world where your hand in mine
Draws no glares from heartless souls
I dream of promises that are kept
And loves that last a lifetime
I also dream of kids who walk fearlessly through their own homes and streets without predators stalking their tiny feet
I dream of a universe where stars say hello to each other without deciding your fates
I dream of destinies that are God’s gifts
In the city of our hearts that roll and tumble
I dream of butterflies that somersault on fragrant tuberoses in fields of peace
I also dream of a plush blanket that envelopes me from your cold glares
That keeps you safe from nuclear bombs that periodically threaten our tiny world
I dream of the look of bliss that creeps into your eyes as I enter a room
I also dream of the black saree that you bought me in my dreams
For I dream along with Oscar Wilde till the abundant dawn brims over the hedge !
Mellow sunbeams
Fragrant with the pulsating
Squeezed from luscious apples
Intoxicated pines whispering sweet nothings
To sleepy willows
Cartloads of metallic gold
Frozen in autumn leaves
Thanksgiving paid to bountiful
Harvests and laden tables
November freezing veins into Gnarled tree trunks of ageing
for that ,that never was
Copyright Lily Swarn25.11.2015

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