Visible Heavens / Poem by Eden S. Trinidad

Poem by Eden S. Trinidad
Visible Heavens
From the very distant past
Perhaps the birds have been wondering
why they never really reach beyond the sky,
They have wings which are not meant to stride the entire celestial cosmos.
The deep dark space that is meant only for things beyond earth’s atmosphere,
Beyond constellation of starry nights, the galaxies and the mysterious lores.
The whitest and the brightest star that human eyes untirelessly seeking “that never fades & never failed to amaze stargazer lovers in dawn of time”.
From the ancient lovers whose eyes wondered and captivated by the Sirius,
the closest white star to the sun, which is
beautiful as the natural Bernstein.
The winged creatures outdone by the most intelligent creatures of all times. Man.
Eden Soriano Trinidad
November 18, 2021

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