DEAR WOMAN / Poem by Laksmisree Banerjee

Poem by Laksmisree Banerjee
Dear Woman,
we hang from the boughs of
the same tree of un-tasted succulence
along zig-zag tracks of unknown tangles
as the bride- calling Bird
awakens me mellifluously
in my bridal attire and bower
entangled in the breeze of
fully unfulfilled dreams…..
enmeshed in the strains of
long-lasting lost desires
of dense forests
long before we knew each other as sisters
in no man’s land
or perhaps long before
we danced hand in hand in no woman’s land,
brewing in interludes of scorching coffee-breaks
myself already poisoned by
the fruit of knowledge
still clinging to our age-old
elysium beyond
its gates of banishment…..
the golden clouds have long ago
melted into the delirium
of the darkness of nocturnal trees,
much before you ripened into
the fallen mango
splattered on ground
its putrid juice of unrequited love
I lived through this long story of survival
much before you my dear sister,
I knew the silken reverie
we have always woven
to play our roles wrapped around
in our dead silk worms
still emitting glow in living deaths……
I hemmed into my life of
history’s blank pages with
bitter sweetness
a frolicsome masquerade,
now flooding across with
cascades of tearful amnesia
perhaps much before you,
perhaps much later than her…….
but now , like you, I have found myself ,
lived in alien lands as my own,
sprouting with new leaves in
painful transplantation,
geo- spaces and temporality,
rivers, rocks and seas
now bland in the sameness
of dark and light,
dear sister we are now very much alike
in the vain equipoise of
a suave, customary compromise……
yes we are now united and ignited
in self- discovery of our own paradise regained
in our making,
in eons of undeterred womanhood
sculpted in artistry through hammer and anvil,
as wisely beautiful as the singing river breaking
its way into the sea,
drenched in dreams yet not soggy……
you and I the sturdy, all-encompassing banyan tree
not seeking but giving shade
as strong as the earth
as omniscient as the ether
as inflamed as the fire
as inspired as the wind
as amorous as desire
as fierce as the hurricane
as soft as blooming love
as liberal as the sky…..
We celebrate here and now our womanhood timeless,
our hot- springs welling out
of the stony no man’s land,
our greenery peeping out of crevices of jagged elemental rocks ,
we have made our quilts, woven our yarns to clothe the dark secrets of the world…….
Now we stand together
bare, unfurled
at the still point of history…..
@laksmisree banerjee

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