Poems by Dost Muhammad Rajper

Poems by Dost Muhammad Rajper
Bear The Burden
Bear the mountanous burden of love,
Love isn’t easy task…
Bear the weight of the world,
Love is enlightenig light,,,
Bear the heavy goodness of Earth,,
The clay clings to all things…
Bear the scorching burnts of the sun,
Brightness belongs to burden…
Carry on working good,
Life is rarely given to you,
God has endowed you peaceful place,
Take rest and sleep….
Mid night dream….
All alone wrapped in electric blanket …
Tossing body to roll in wet,
Instinctively away from hate,,,
Always with humans and pets…
Grooming appointments in the monger,
Lingering no longer,
Burning is so better,
In shower together,
No more bother again,
Lap and wrap in mantle
Help to zip in genteel…
Stay strong as steel,,,,
Never pop up to peel,
Let us love to heal
All wounds of the world,
Under the canopy of colorful quilt,
I have just felt,,
The love of Divine,
And affection for affectionate,
My passions are for passionate lover …
In midnight dream,,,
Oh, Baby!
The clay clings with love
To realize original owner,
But, humans try to connect with air
Without knowing their reality,,
The clay attracts me in grey
While brown is glamorous,
The earth looks joyous with clay,
Upon the sandy bay,
The cute baby crawls upon the clay,
Water creeps on the chest of earth,
Everything comes from muddy soil,
Everything needs grooming to grow up..
Thy name is real romance,
Thy being is made from clay,
Thy love lies within beauty of shower,
Thou art is elegant tower,,
Oh, Baby!
Dost Muhmmad Rajper
@ copyright@4-12-2021

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