Poems by Mónika Tóth

Poems by Mónika Tóth
like hot chocolate
burns my tongue-
sweet pain
colorless without you –
I cry like a child
Save the Earth
The air is not clean.
The ozone layer is just to thin.
The ocean now it’s grey.
Trach in water.
Black smog befouls the lungs.
The world changes gradually all day.
The planet will melt.
Why are torturing the Earth?
Dear friends
The God has given this worlds gift.
It’s a beautiful and precious gift
Please save our home
our air
our forest
our animals
our lives
please let save the Earth
The spring is look at me
I think about you
I hope you think about me
I miss you
it is spring
The air is so sweet
The butterflies in trees
The birds sing
The sky is bright
I miss you so much
My heart and my soul is broken
I miss you
I cry like the child
The spring look at me and I smile happily
I wrote
I wrote a new poem the other day.
I shared it with a friend
He said
This is really good
I confess
Dedicated my sweet Romanian friend Vasile
The truth is
your eyes truly work of Art
your smile like a beautiful poem unforgettable
you are sweeter then honey dew
I adore you
dedicated my nice Romanian friend Vasile
your smile so beautiful
your eyes so beautiful
your lips so sweet
my voice silenced
I adore you

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