The new world of mine / Poem by Hana Shishiny

Poem by Hana Shishiny
The new world of mine
It took me ages to learn how to lose
How to heal my wounds
How to walk toward new bounds
To feel free and liberated
Of guilt..of regrets and memories
Of flying high for moments
Than ,falling shattered on the ground… a game
Every day is an opportunity
Every new person,is a new world
Full of possibilities,.
Offering a new beginning..a new spring
Promising seeds to start growing
The day comes..and
This new world got
Harvest damp and glossy
Love,loves and enlightens life..
You sway
With dreams glory…
Like Autumn leaves,you fly
You taste the Bliss of divine kiss
Than you fall in the valley of pain &strife..
I learned how to live between
Stormy waves and the shore
Between blasting winds
taking me to nomore
Between the moments..showering me like drops of rain ..
And between,the words&Hope’s
And the fears of expected pain….
By Hana.shishiny
November 2021
(C ) all rights reserved

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